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Mandalay Road vineyard is a family-run winery nestled into the valley of the South Preston River. This location has a unique climate, with very cold winter temperatures and cool nights in summer. These conditions encourage an extended ripening period which produces fruit with an intense flavour profile.

This is a hands-on, family vineyard with owners Bernice and Tony completing most of the work themselves (with help at busy times!). Crop loads are kept low and production is a mere few hundred cases per year. The wines are all single vineyard wines from grapes we grow at Mandalay, with the emphasis on quality and fruit flavour which truly expresses the vineyard and its location.

There is a small, rustic cellar door on the property and we invite you to come off the beaten track and visit us and taste our award-winning wines.


Our first, trial vintage of Durif was 2013. This was an experiment and a whim. We had returned from California and tasted many outstanding Zinfandels. What the best ones (to our palate) had in common was a 10% or thereabouts addition of Petit Syrah to add tannic structure to the Zinfandel. Being somewhat governed by enthusiasm rather than common sense we determined on our return to the vineyard to grow this variety thinking it would improve our already quite luscious, Zinfandel. So, we planted it.

The first few years when it came close to picking time we tasted it and thought there must be something wrong with it as it was so dominated by very tannic skins which masked the sugar. It was also marred by a very 'droopy' habit with canes that could not support the weight of the fruit. We ignored it for a couple of years. The third year we thought was decision time. If our experimental Durif didn't improve it was coming out! We took a sample to our winemaker who tasted it and said 'bring it in'. That was the start of our Durif journey in 2013.

Our winemaker was very skillful in not allowing the tannin to dominate the resulting wine and produced a very drinkable, if fairly strongly - flavoured red wine to add to the Mandalay Road stable. A wine that paired wonderfully with beef cheeks or similar meat dominated dishes. He produced for us 8 consecutive vintages each one slightly different from the others, but all equally enjoyable. Durif became very popular with our customers and turned out to be one of our best-selling wines. We did blend a little into one vintage of Zinfandel but did not see any appreciable difference so just continued making the Durif as a separate varietal.

From the beginning we decided we would do a retrospective package. Somehow, we managed to put aside a few cases of each year and with the exception of the 2016 we seem to have not sold most vintages 'by mistake'. The 2016 is sparsely represented but all 6 packs have 3 bottles from 2013 to 2016 and 3 bottles from 2017 to 2020.

We have enjoyed being one of the few Durif growers in WA and introducing this variety to many wine lovers at our cellar door.

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Another win for Mandalay Road!

Bernice and Tony receive their trophy for their 2018 Zinfandel from Chairman of Judges, Huon Hooke, at the ANZ Australia and Boutique Wine awards in Sydney on 24 October 2019.

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