Zinfandel, widely grown in California was introduced to the United States almost 200 years ago. However new DNA research has proven it to be identical to the Italian grape Primitivo and also genetically linked it to the Croatian grape called Crljenak kastelanski (sirl-yen-ack kastenlanski). It is now known that Zinfandel originated on Croatia’s Dalmation coast. It probably found its way to the Americas in the early 1800s, when Croatia was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, via cuttings of Crljenak taken from the palace gardens in Vienna.

Surprisingly, Zinfandel is little grown in Australia, perhaps because it requires intensive vine and bunch management to achieve optimum wine potential. Despite this, there are several fine examples of Australian Zin that rival the best of this variety produced in California. At Mandalay Road we think we produce some of the Best Zinfandels in Australia. As a small boutique winery we take the time and care to produce an exceptional Zinfandel. So if Zin is your thing drop in, call or order online as quantities of our quality wines are limited.